Company History

Vacutherm Company History

We are Vermont-based, and family owned and operated since 1980. We take pride in producing state-of-the-art, industry-changing technology for both vacuum and conventional kilns, increasing yield through inventory turnover, and resulting in improved cash flow for every one of our clients.

We are dedicated to working closely with each customer, developing new processes and opportunities for increased profitability.

Our country-wide network of VacuPress Drying Centers allow any size business to gain the advantage of quality VacuPress Dried Wood, which is unmatched in color, flatness, and stability, and delivers up to 20% increase in yield and up to 40% increase in throughput.
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Our TouchDry Kiln Control System is saving conventional kiln operators up to 40% in energy consumption costs. Learn more

VacuPress vacuum kiln technology is already accomplishing what so many said was impossible. As we look forward, we embrace the challenges, opportunities, and rewards that come with being on the cutting edge. Join us.

Product Lines

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Vacutherm’s Associations

New England Kiln Drying Association(NEKDA)Great Lakes Kiln Drying Association (GLKDA)
Wood Product Manufacturers Association(WPMA)

West Coast Dry Kiln Association

Ohio Valley Lumber Drying Association