Kiln Certification


Are you exporting lumber? Is your customer exporting lumber?  If so, the USDA needs your Conventional kiln, DH kiln or Vacuum Kiln Certified annually for accuracy.  This is not a heat treating certification, you actually need to certify that what your kiln says is happening inside is actually happening.

Vacutherm can quickly and simply provide this certification to you.

1. Schedule a time with Vacutherm when your kiln is in the middle of a drying cycle
2. Vacutherm will take measurements of the temperature inside the kiln with our super accurate device
3. If your kiln temperature and our temperature match within a few degrees than you PASS!
4. Vacutherm will submit the report to our contact at the USDA directly and you will receive a certificate and sticker of compliance

$500 for the first kiln and $400 for every kiln after that, once per year.

Call or email Jim Parker 1-802-496-4241 x119 or