AirVac Overview

The Superheated Steam Vacuum Dryer was first introduced to the North American market by Vacutherm in 1980. This system utilized a discontinuous or continuous vacuum. This method is able to dry 3 – 5 times faster than conventional methods and requires that the lumber be stickered and loaded similarly to a conventional kiln. Today Vacutherm produces the AirVac dryer as a continuous vacuum kiln which may be built with up to a 40,000 Board Foot Capacity.

All Vacutherm kilns now use the new TOUCHDRY® kiln control system. This system can integrate a wireless moisture meter, EMC and a color touch screen for simple to use and accurate controls, made for any operator to use with very little training.

Easy To Use

Kiln operators will wonder why is took this long to get a kiln control that just works and doesn’t take a computer programmer to run.

Simple Control

  • Set the Temperature and Pressure manually or run a preset drying schedule in Automatic Mode
  • Monitor moisture loss and Average Shell and Core Moisture Contents
  • Help Buttons on every page offer instructions on drying and the TOUCHDRY® program

Historical Graphing of

  • Heating Temperature
  • Vacuum Pressure
  • Wood Core Temperature
  • Average Shell
  • Core Moisture Content
  • EMC

Integrated Wireless Moisture Control

  • May be programmed to turn off process at set Target Moisture Content
  • Displays Air Temp
  • Automatically calibrated for wood temperature and species
  • Graphs Average Moisture Content on every screen

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