VacuPress 12000


Imagine drying over 2,000,000 board feet (4,700m3) of 4/4 (25mm) Hard Maple from Green to 6% each year with a machine that can fit on a standard flatbed truck. The VacuPress 12000 makes it possible for a medium size mill to act BIG and a BIG mill to act small. Now you can finally produce truckload volumes on demand without tying up your conventional kilns for a month. Your customers will keep coming back for bright vacuum dried wood that they can count on and when they come back they’ll buy your conventionally dried lumber too. The VacuPress 12000 can be expanded to work in tandem with other VacuPress 12000s to minimize energy consumption and simplify the loading process.



Load Capacity:
12000 Board Feet (28m3)

Loading Method:
Track Loaded

Annual Production:
160,000 BF to 2,000,000 BF (380m3 – 4,700m3)

Standard Usable Dimensions:
27’L x 8.5’D x 94″W

Electricity Demand:
150 kwh per day

Heating Capacity:
1,000,000 BTU (maximum)

Heating Options:
Propane • Oil • Natural Gas • Wood • Steam • Boiler Condensate

Average Energy Cost:
$30 per MBF (2.36m3)


Rugged 304 Stainless Steel Construction

Track Loaded :: Trolley and track included

VacuPress Rubber Membrane :: Keeps wood flat and Straight

Touch Screen Human Interface

Automatic Wood Condensate Drain System

Inside Water Level Alarm

Double Fan Cooled Condenser :: Saves Energy

Simple to use Control System


Computer Connection:
For Kiln Monitoring System

Remote Assistance:
Let Vacutherm connect to your VacuPress for remote operation and optimization

Vacuum Loading System:
Lift the lumber and plates

Limited Warranty: 10 years on pressure vessel

Electricity Savings Calculator

Circulator Fan Hp

Number Of Fans



Avg Annual Savings

Board Feet Dried Annually

Conventional    VP12000

KW Annually

Conventional    VP12000


% Saving