AirVac 4

Small, easy to load and efficient. When you find it hard to accumulate enough lumber to fill your conventional kiln, supplement your production with a small AirVac kiln and start selling that lumber NOW.


Load Capacity:
4,000 Board Feet(9.4m3)

Loading Method:
Track Loaded with Forklift

Annual Production:
200,000 BF to 1,000,000 BF

Standard Pack Dimensions:
34 ft. L x 6 ft. D x 4 ft. W

Electricity Demand:
100 kwh per day

Heating Capacity:
220,000 BTU (maximum)

Heating Options:
Propane, Oil, Natural Gas, Wood, Steam, Boiler Condensate

Average Energy Cost:
$36 per MBF (2.36m3)


Rugged 304 Stainless Steel Construction

Track Loaded :: Trolley and track included

Touch Screen Human Interface

Wireless Moisture Meter, EMC, Wood Temp

Automatic Wood Condensate Drain System

Simple Loading Method