VacuPress 1000


The VacuPress 1000 is a mini version of our largest kiln. This efficient machine will produce 1000s of board feet per week, while still fitting in a corner of your building.


Load Capacity:
1000 Board Feet (2.36m3)

Loading Method:
Track Loaded

Annual Production:
20,000 BF to 200,000 BF (47.2m3 – 471.9m3)

Standard Usable Dimensions:
12.5 ft. L x 33 in. D x 48 in. W

Electricity Demand:
48 kwh per day

Heating Capacity:
140,000 BTU (maximum)

Heating Options:

Average Energy Cost:
$60 per MBF (2.36m3)


Rugged 304 Stainless Steel Construction

VacuPress Rubber Membrane :: Keeps wood flat and Straight

Touch Screen Human Interface

Automatic Wood Condensate Drain System

Inside Water Level Alarm

Simple to use Control System


Computer Connection:
For Kiln Monitoring System

Remote Assistance:
Let Vacutherm connect to your VacuPress for remote operation and optimization

Single Fan Cooled Condenser:
Saves Energy

Limited Warranty: 10 years on pressure vessel