Vacuum Drying For Everyone
Just the kiln you need. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

The iDRY is designed based on our proven AirVac drying technology and our 38 years of knowledge in building quality Stainless Steel Vacuum Chambers and simple, but sophisticated TOUCHDRY controls.
Quick turn around of lumber and slabs with excellent quality means you can focus on sawing and have dry wood to sell in less time. 3-5 times faster than conventional drying with no need to build a building or a chamber.

 Just set it in place, plug it in and start drying.

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iDRY Locations



Capacity: up to 2000 board feet
Lumber Pile: 13ft long x 48in wide x 55in tall
Power requirement: 208-230V 1PH 60A
Energy Consumption:
Electrically Heated: 4 kw/h average
Hot water Heated: 2.75 kw/h average
Drying Time: 1 week per inch of thickness
Heating: Electric (standard) or optional hot water coil (gas/wood)
Installation: Installed in above freezing and dry space, water connection, 208-230V 60A power
Loading: Forklift loaded (External Track and Trolley Included)
Water requirement: 0.75 GPM
Controls: Touch Screen
Total Weight of equipment: 7,500lbs

Installation Drawings


  • Price: $40,000.00